There is no shortage of reasons why Marcxell Investment has chosen the United States for its large-scale investments, whether it’s the business-friendly environment, quality of life, specific technologies, supply chain, infrastructure, or workforce. The diversity and openness of the nation are what allows Marcxell Investment to find its place in the market – and to thrive.


The United States offers the largest consumer market on earth with a GDP of $20 trillion and 325 million people. Household spending is the highest globally, accounting for more than a quarter of global household consumption. At the same time, free trade agreements with 20 other countries provide enhanced access to hundreds of millions of consumers.


The hotel business is one of our strategic investment areas. Here Marcxell Investment focuses on the budget segment in very central locations.

Outside of today’s business logic, which essentially leaves a gap between hostels and classic budget hotels and produces mainly innovations in the high-end segment, Marcxell Investment wants to establish a concept that takes the productivity of the space and the customer experience to a new level. Our goal is to participate in the economic and tourist development.


For several years we have been investing in existing properties and developing new construction projects in Northern Germany through the THI.Group.

Marcxell Investment wants to continue growing and looking for new projects, both land and developable properties.

If you are a developer yourself, you can also obtain mezzanine participation from us. We can even actively support “needy” projects. If you own or know of a property, you can contact us by writing to us.


Our investment in the development of projects and the rental of vacation properties is still concentrated in Florida (United States) and Hamburg (Germany), where Marcxell Investment is active via our subsidiary THI.Group.

If you own or can negotiate suitable land, projects or existing properties, please contact us. If you are a developer looking for a co-investor, we would be happy to be actively or quietly involved.


In individual cases, Marcxell Investment is also prepared to make our experience available as consultants. However, due to our capabilities, we limit ourselves to cases where there is the possibility of entrepreneurial participation or at least a performance-related remuneration in the subsequent course. Hourly consulting is not our business.

If you are interested, please get in touch with us, even if the business idea seems “exotic” to you; we are already involved, for example, in the supply of vaccines in Central Africa and the supply of medical equipment.

Fund    Management


Marcxell Investment‘s fund managers control and monitor the departments involved as well as the external service providers. In addition, they prepare regular fund reports for investors.

At the end of the month, the relevant fund figures are provided in a standardized report. Our reporting meets the usual requirements (in particular the BVI standard) and considers the individual needs of investors. The annual special assets report is prepared under the market standard and, after verification by the auditor, is sent to investors at the end of the fund’s financial year.

Marcxell Investment personally reports to the investors at least once a year at an investment committee meeting on the development of the special assets during the past financial year and the future direction and the corresponding forecasts.


As a private asset manager, Marcxell Investment has an obligation towards the investors. It ensures that all services related to the funds and the real estate are executed in the best possible way in the interest of the investors. The objective is the sustainable development of the value of the real estate portfolio and the achievement of the specified key performance indicators.

The fund management company draws up long-term planning models and permanent fund forecasts based on the relevant real estate figures. These are intended for the target/actual comparison of the fund’s performance and control and monitor the risk structure.

Marcxell Investment invests intending to promote the sustainable and economic development of the portfolio of assets, investments, and real estate to ensure the sustainability of the funds invested in each project. In addition, the fund management team develops long-term planning models and permanent fund forecasts based on the relevant real estate data.